By: Jeffrey Cutler

The Art Behind A Share
April 8, 2016

People like to share. When something extraordinary happens in their lives, people will share. When an amazing offer is made from a preferred brand or TV show, people will share that as well. But, are these two examples of sharing the same? I think not. And I openly challenge marketers to think long and hard about this dichotomy. To further explain, let’s look to something as common yet extraordinary as the daily sunset.

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10 Reasons Why Working At A Start Up Is Better Than Getting An MBA
May 3, 2013

I learned a lot as a business school student. I met some awesome people and have had the opportunity to work with world-renowned professors. However, business school was not exactly what I expected it to be. It was not until my second year of the program when most of my pre-requisites were out of the way that I fully realized my misperception.

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